NTSB Investigations Have Saved Lives

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Did You Ever Wish People Could Fly?……… well they can and did…..sort-of.

Thought I’d share a cool video of people flying over New York City. Maybe one day….

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Purdue and Neil Armstrong Honor Capt. Sullenberger for More Than His “Miracle On The Hudson”

WOW….Fearful Fliers may not want to watch, but this is an awesome video of the “Miracle on the Hudson”. Those in command, one a fellow Purdue grad, were super calm and everyone’s lives were saved! (3D Video starts at about 1:20 into the video)

The fellow Purdue University graduate, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, was awarded Purdue University’s Neil Armstrong Medal of Excellence last November, by another Purdue grad, Neil Armstrong himself. Purdue’s President France A. Cordova said, “We are honored to present this medal to Sully Sullenberger, whose skill, composure, and courage in the face of a singular challenge saved the lives of everyone aboard that US Airways Airbus. The poise and dignity he displayed in receiving the international acclaim that has followed set him apart as a true American hero.”

Even though it was his Masters of Industrial Psychology he received from Purdue, in 1973, you still can’t argue that Purdue develops great aviators and many who just love aviation!

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Aircraft of the Future

Airbus just released a concept video for the aircraft of the future.  In 2050, travelers will relish the EXPERIENCE of traveling rather than just using air travel as another mode of transportation.  Imagine if you could:

  • Have your carry-on bags delivered to your seat.
  • Relax in aromatherapy and acupressure therapy seats.
  • Play virtual golf.
  • Call home and say goodnight, face to face.
  • Be awed by amazing views that only pilots have enjoyed up to this point.

Wouldn’t flying be a bit more enjoyable? The concept cabin also contains a center zone that transforms from a virtual golf course/driving range, to a WebEx meeting spot, and then to a bar to socialize for happy hour.

Sounds like a fun, new way to fly, some of us may get to enjoy one day.  As a safety-girl, my only question is….Where are the seat belts?  Maybe by 2050, there will be a flawless way to also avoid turbulence.  We can only dream.

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The FAA likes Apple

This week Apple made some big announcements about the new iPad coming out soon.  The FAA also gave the go ahead for pilots to use the device for pilot charts.

The days of pilots lugging big bags full of charts and maps may soon be over.  The FAA is allowing charter company Executive Jet Management (EJM) to use the iPad as an alternative for their charts and maps.

This is the first aviation company to be allowed to use electronic devices for this type of information, but it may pave the way for more airlines to convert to this type of electronic tablet for of information storing.

To get this approval, EJM and Jeppesen (the makers of most aviation charts) had to go though a rigorous approval process, including rapid-decompression testing and electronic device interference testing.  With the approval, there will be a requirement of a secondary electronic device (probably a second iPad) with an alternate set of maps in the flight deck on each flight.

Right now, EJM is the only company approved to use the iPad in this way, but there are other airlines that have applied for approval to use it  in similar applications.

Just one more way that Apple is changing the way we live and work.

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Carry-On Baggage, Child Seats, and More!

A couple weeks ago I was asked to do an episode of a podcast called Airplane Geeks.  While even though I am an engineer (Aeronautical), I don’t quite think of myself as a geek.  I was happy to be asked though. 

Airplane Geeks is recorded weekly and is hosted by four aviation enthusiasts:  Max Flight, Rob Mark, David Vanderhoof, and Dan Webb.  Each week they highlight and discuss the hottest aviation news of the week with well informed discussions from four individuals who obviously love the industry of aviation. They have a range of backgrounds from private piloting, military experience, aviation directory manager, business development consultant, flight instructor, aviation speaker, insurance marketing and operations specialist; and one, the single one as the others always love to point out, still getting his education.  The group is usually joined by a guest from the industry who will raise issues that they have experience with and interest in.

On my podcast (check out Episode 133 – Traveling Smart with Kelli), we spoke about:

  • Potential new airline fees.
  • Travel going social…as in networking.
  • The Air Force Tanker Program (often a topic on the show).
  • The Boeing 787 certification.

Then we moved on to some of my favorite topics:

  • Carry-on baggage (if you packed it, you need to be able to stow it).
  • Child seats and the CARES device.
  • Emergency response planning.

The show is also topped off by an Australia Desk Report and an Across the Pond Report to keep everyone up to date on the rest of the world.

If you’re an aviation buff or just interested in finding out what’s going on in aviation these days listen to the Airplane Geeks at www.airplanegeeks.com or download the podcasts to your iTunes for the next flight you take that doesn’t have channel 9 capabilities. It may even help you to travel smart.

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